Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Wanaka - Plantation cross country track


That trail is bit more cc style at first, but a REAL nice one :)
It was kind of my birthday present yesterday ;)
With some ups and downs at the beginning it's 3 times longer then the other trails around.
You can link it up with a nice uphill part at the end of it (which make up for some seriously great nightriding downwards - did that few times during the next days then ;) ) to get to the top and beginning of allthe other trails again.
U could spend sooooo much time out here just figuering out how to combine up and down trails for some epic rides ;) just sweet as :)

it's the same little drop on that trail and I think we both hit it with the same speed, but it just doesn't look as good when I do it ;( at least I have the same fun doing it :)

Wanaka - Beacon Point sunset


the sunset out at Beacon Point

so peaceful

Wanaka - the bike is back :D


nice weather and finally a bike to be used :D yeeehaaaaaaa... took long enough i'd say!

it's kind of a brand new bike now ;) new frame, new shock (manitou swinger in its actual version), not yet a poplock for the fork as it obviously broke down while they wanted to mount it (don't want to know how they managed that...) but I'll get anew one as soon as possible, gore tex hosing for the cables so I don't have to change them again after 2 weeks (they are now underneath the frame - where on top of it before), new rotor (now a small 160mm one!) and brake adapter (Rose told me they would put one in the packet. Of course they didn't... *idiots!*) on the rear wheel, chain and everything attached to it is brand new anyway (had changed all that for 350$ the day it had broke down).
Now I just have to re learn biking ;)

Wanaka - Beacon Point


nice easy walk from our house over Beacon Point to the Relishes Cafe (once more ;) ) in town.
Still waiting for the bike to be put together but at least some sun after those last wet days

the mangroves of Wanaka ;)

absolutely lovely to be here during autumn! :)

should sell that one to someone in charge of tourism here... ;)

some real nice houses out here. It's a pity no one out here was looking for flatmates ;)


finally some blue sky again *jiippiieee* sooo pretty with the snow covered mountain tops

Wanaka - high water


and then it rained and rained and rained..........
Queenstown was flooded and lots of people stuck on treks in Fjordland or just in Te Anau.

That was left of the boatstage of the marina of Wanaka. Just the top cms of the wooden poles sticking out of teh water...

Wanaka - Lismore bike park


just 1 min away from our house is that great jump park with lots of really good riders...
Was hard to take some proper pics with my cam :( really need a dslr I guess!!! ;)

He was sure in 2-3m height over that one...

Wanaka - Rocky Mountain Summit


Rocky Mountain summit (just above Diamond Lake) once more :)

Clemence texted me she'd be on her way up and would fly down soon, so I hitched a ride outwards and went up within 30mins (jiippiiee some sport!!!) to take some pics of the preps, start and flight.

That must be sooooooo great to just walk up a mountain with the paraglider in your pack and fly down later rather then walking the same way back down. Another thing for my to do list: Paragliding course! :) Wanted to do that already anyway...

I stayed up there then for least another hour, simply doing nothing but enjoying the sun and the views. Nice day!! :)

searching for the right spot to launch...

the wind came from the wrong side so finally no way to avoid the cliff that is in this direction...

making sure all the lines are at the place they have to be...

smile in the camera... *thanks* ;)

and just fly away... soooooo jealous!!!!! ;)

out of fortune I found an even nicer reflection spot on the other lake side on my way back

that made it up for me to have missed out on Lake Mathews in Fox :)

Wanaka - more autumn ;)


Same place, same autumn different time or better: same same, but different (greets to Jerry! :) )

5 mins walk out of the town center

Wanaka - Diamond Lake


Looking back, I think that was my favorite place in Wanaka. The walk up was not too long with an hour to go, but was already a nice trek, and the view on top was soooo stunning! On one side there's Mt Aspiring in the distance and on the other side the lake with Wanaka in the distance...

The big rock on the other side... just one out of loads of nice climbing spots in Hospital Flat

The view towards Wanaka. My desktop wallpaper for several weeks :)

we were not the only ones enjoying the sun

does look slightly better when its wings are opened

suicidal sheep?! It didn't jump as long as we were there...

View towards Mt Aspiring

nice reflections in the Diamond Lake

stilles Oertchen Nr 2;)

back down again. hoping to catch a ride back soon